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Suitable terms and conditons are applicable.
When we all know where we are and where we’re going then we won’t bump into each other!

GrimsbyAds is in the business of providing Internet consulting and related services and the Client wishes to engage GrimsbyAds to provide Internet consulting and related services. GrimsbyAds will endeavour to conduct it’s business in a manner that offers the full satisfaction of the client. If any problems arise the client should contact GrimsbyAds in the first instance. The client’s input will be a timely provision of such suitable digital material to form the content of the site build within ten working days of commissioning the work for timely commencement of the work to be undertaken, to review and provide feedback on all work delivered by GrimsbyAds within 7 days; no reply implies approval, plus remittance of the initial build fee within thirty days of commissioning the work. A term of contract of one year to be covered by monthly automated regular bank payments from the client to GrimsbyAds to cover internet hosting and previously agreed site maintenance and updates. Termination; In the event that the Client desires to terminate the Services of GrimsbyAds, the Client must submit written request to GrimsbyAds at least thirty (30) days prior to the desired date of termination. Under no circumstances will GrimsbyAds give refunds of any amounts paid for the Services hereunder. Ownership of Materials; The Content of a website and related online data produced by GrimsbyAds in connection with The Client’s own self-registered domain name and business shall be the sole property of The Client. GrimsbyAds retains rights to any registered Domain Name/s and/or websites built by GrimsbyAds. All software and server structures/applications used by GrimsbyAds shall at all times be the sole property of GrimsbyAds and under no circumstances shall the Client have any interest in or rights to the title to such software etc. Warranties and Liability. Copyrights etc; The Client shall indemnify and hold GrimsbyAds harmless from any and all liability resulting from Client’s use of, and online existence of, the work produced by GrimsbyAds under this Agreement. Third Party services; GrimsbyAds shall not be liable for changes to, or interruptions of services supplied by third party suppliers even when services supplied by GrimsbyAds make use of or rely on such services supplied by any third party.
The parties will conduct themselves at all times hereunder in accordance with all applicable laws. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. VAT Registration Number: 455 5911 31 – GrimsbyAds 15/12/2013