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The cost of not having a mobile friendly website is that you stand to lose half of your potential new customers – see infographic below. Call us now, free consultation – no obligation. The fees for setting up and maintaining a mobile website will depend upon the content you require and wether or not you need or want a complete new site putting up or just a mobile-friendly ‘sister-site’ version of your existing one to run alongside it as per the comparisons on our homepage. For a sister-site you can minimise cost by having most of the detail carried over from your mainsite (subject to you holding the copyright) and can include a similar colour scheme.

Starter mobile sister-site with relevant company information would comprise:


Company logo
Telephone contact Button
Service or product description paragraph
Service or product photo
Minimal updates @

£15.00 +vat per month hosting & maintenance – annual duration
From: £97.50 +vat initial build fee (This is a basic MICE get-around site.)


Mid-range mobi sister-website:

The above content plus;
More detail to include several paragraphs of text and several images
Text message contact form
email contact form
Interactive Map
Enhanced styling
Up to six updates per year @

£20.00 +vat per month hosting & maintenance annual duration
From: £177.50 +vat initial build fee.


Comprehensive Mobile Website:

The above plus space for extra company and product information & photos, more functionality available – see below.

Let us know your requirements. We can build a site to your exacting specifications – extras available can include an enterprise level brand optimisation and SEO package to rocket your online presence – priced to suit.


Additional Functionality;
An image gallery with up to ten photos @
£40 +vat

Offer Coupons with optional start/end dates for customers to redeem at your premises.
See our example mobile sites for more on these.
£40 +vat per coupon

Various options are available such as inclusion of your company videos, menus and services or product lists with associated detail. The initial preview site content will be taken from your existing mainsite. Styling, layout and colour schemes can be agreed to suit your requirements before the main build phase and then one further edit to finish. Prices for these are dependant upon content.

A fully responsive desktop/tablet/smartphone new-build website can start from as little as £75 + domain name + vat to give you a basic online presence !

If you are not satisfied with how your existing website is performing and if we think we can help you to improve results then a new build along with work towards getting more visitors to your site might be the best approach. There are various packages available to reach this target
so get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

What is the new Google Mice update - it's potentially expensive if you're not mobile friendly.

All prices subject to change. Terms & conditions apply.