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Having a website is only part of an online marketing plan. It’s a permanent shop window for your customers to interact with you, view your products or services, find out what time of the day you’re open and where you are. It’s great for putting on leaflets or in media articles so the reader knows your web address when they need your services,  BUT – how do new customers find you, people who are searching on the web – usually on Google – for the type of product or service you sell but who don’t even know you exist?

This is where help from someone with experience in this field will be of the most benefit. Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO covers a wide range of methods for putting your business contact details in front of potential customers. If you have a regional or local business then try a Google search for your Town and your product / service. If your website shows up in the first couple of pages of search results then well done, but also do the same search on a smartphone, find the link to your website and check that it shows well on a mobi. If not then give us a call!  If your website does not show up in the first couple of pages then give us a call!  07790 459051

To see for yourself what we can do to Get Your Company Found On Google just click on these real-time searches:

Aren’t Puppies so cute? One current project is a Black Labrador Puppies website. Against many long-established popular dog sites the competition is very active. Our Black Labrador Puppies for Sale site is showing nicely for the global search keyword phrases; Black Labrador Puppies / Labrador Puppies / Labrador Puppies for sale. This site went live in mid July 2015, the litter of puppies were all sold but we like the site and keep it online.


and lookout for Solutions Your Local Accountant  Welcome to STA, We’ll be happy to be your new accountant

We have taken the liberty of putting up a second more refreshed site along with the original. They usually show well on both pages 1 and 2 along with the Google Map listing at the top of the page for Solutions Accountants.


Mablethorpe Beauty Salon:

Emmaculate Beauty Mablethorpe


Coventry fishmonger

and you’ll see that the Mobile Tuesday / Wednesday Van dominates the page with probably about half of all the links showing up on page 1 !


Cleethorpes Karate Club

to look for the Cleethorpes Shotokan Karate Club


These results are of course subject to fluctuations due to Google’s search algorithms and no guarantee can be made for individual site’s search results in any search engine so please do not be misled by SEO companies making such guarantees. We use Google as the prime search example because more people use them than the other engines but our results also show just as well on Bing / Yahoo.

An early project site that was at the top of page one for Google searches when initially optimised by us has moved down to Page 5 because it has not been worked on recently, this shows the importance of maintaining regular behind-the-scenes work to keep a prominent position in Google.

Best Fishmonger In London

and look out for one of our sites- LondonFishmongers

Currently underway is a project for a Skegness hotel that is not yet optimised and so does not show up. Just having a website does not mean that potential customers will find you online!.

The Google Mice update infographic


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