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We have been involved with internet consulting for over eighteen years and work in partnership with several leading edge London based and U.S.A. international marketing/web consultants to achieve the best results possible. We can carry out work in-house or make use of our associate’s back-room team of over 280 design, copy-writing, optimisation & artwork specialists all based at one office who are ready to work on your behalf for more in-depth projects.

What we do
Our main focus is developing Smartphone-Friendly mobilised websites to give your customers and your potential future customers the browsing experience they now require. Current research gives you all the information you need (see sidebar) to see that having only a Desk-top website is no longer acceptable, more so if that website is more than a couple of years old and has several paragraphs of text – they’re just not Mobile-User-friendly and your old website WILL NOT BE FAVOURED IN GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS for users on Smartphones! Beware the Mobile First update that Google is rolling out

We can either build a brand new mobile-friendly website for you or build a mobile-friendly sister site to run alongside your existing site – this is your Google Mice update get-around for if you need to act fast.

How will they access your Mobile site?
We supply you with a short sentence of web-code that your company web-manager or existing website supplier can easily add to your mainsite behind the scenes. This enables an automatic seamless transfer for anyone using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to be redirected to the mobile version. Your mobile site will not be competition for your existing desktop site but a valuable partner. It’s purpose is not to replicate, or offer every last detail available on your mainsite but to quickly give mobile visitors the information they’re seeking in a format they can effectively use. They find your company by searching Google on their mobile, they see your mobi site and can instantly see what you do and who you are. Now they’ve found you they want to call you – two clicks – done. They are travelling to your premises and need to see your location – tap on the map – they find you. They’re talking about your company to a friend and want to share your information – it’s in their pocket & easy to read. NFC (Near Field Communication) software on most newer smartphones allows them to share your mobile website to their friend’s phone just by touching them together – free word-of-mouth advertising from a satisfied customer is the best you’ll get!

Extra Benefit!
You can have a second suitable domain name for your mobile site to potentially give you more online visibility in search engine results. Two websites instead of one. The quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to gain new customers is to show your company information to people searching online for the services you provide. If you already have a good online profile, maybe showing on page one of search results then why not try for a second link on that page and push one of your competitors websites back down onto page two? If your mainsite is back on page two, three, four or lower then a well set-up mobile site could give a better position – Google loves mobile sites! We can also offer the opportunity to generally improve your online presence. We have customers who from previously having no online search engine result, have raised their profile to dominate the page when viewers look for the type of service they provide.



Website and Mobile Site Builds

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